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Nav1 - ( 2/22/2021, 2/23/2021 )

Video 1 - 28:17 (2/22/2021)
NAV1 is the first worksheet in this template and it is the first in most of our complex template. It provides an updateable index of the worksheets in the workbook. The updates are manually triggered with a Button and /or a link on the DIY1 menu.

This is optional functionality that helps keep the drill down links working when worksheet names are changed for personal configuration. It also provides for a directory/index that can be used for navigation like the hamburger menu. If the script is not used for updating the list of worksheets, you could manually update the information to try to keep the drill down links working when you change worksheet names.

!! UPDATE 1. I told you about the script name being removed from the button if you hit cancel but implied hitting the X would or OK would be okay. The X has the bad functionality too. If you view the script name the only way to keep it in there is to hit OK !!

Video 2 - 20:58 (2/23/2021)
Clean up of video 1 plus W/S Description column that was omitted

  1. vocab - worksheet vs tab vs workbook. New vocab on Nav1 that is more consistent for W/S. Programming vocab may or may not change with time.

  2. red row coloring significance - clarify ,

  3. the X is bad too !!

  4. arrForMetering clarification (legacy functionality mixed with current is what it is)


  1. W/S Description Column

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